Download PolymerFEM PolyUMod 6.4.2 + MCalibration 6.6.0 modeling of polymers

PolyUMod  and MCalibration software download crack developed by Veryst  for polymer design that includes a huge library of materials needed for finite element modeling of polymers and biomaterials. Almost all polymer systems including thermoplastic, thermoset materials, elastomers, foam, injectable plastics, biomaterials and even special formulations such as fluoropolymers are included in this library. MCalibration  program for extracting model material parameters.

PolyUMod library can be used in software such as Abaqus / Standard, Abaqus / Explicit, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, MSC.Marc and COMSOL Multiphysics and allows engineers to design materials without special knowledge and awareness. Implement their goals with the desired material. Along with PolyUMod, another software called MCalibration will be installed on the system, which will help designers calibrate material models using existing experimental data. Using MCalibration, you can easily calibrate and measure the material model used in Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA or MSC software.

Key features of PolyUMod software:

  • – Comprehensive library of advanced polymeric and biomaterial materials
  • – Ability to calibrate material models with MCalibration
  • – Support for software in the field of finite element modeling
  • – Contains all polymer compounds including fluoropolymers, elastomers and …

PolyUMod Library supports all polymer materials, including

  • Thermoplastics
  • Thermoplastics
  • Elastomers
  • Foam

PolyUMod  and MCalibration software details:

  • File size: 550 MB
  • Operating system: Windows x64
  • Crack: full crak (unlimited system)
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