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Download Critic2 code Quantum

Download Critic2 code Quantum mechanical calculation

September 23, 2021    

Critic2 code free download is a software for analysis of quantum mechanical calculation results in molecules and periodic solids. In addition, critic2 software can read, analyze, and manipulate multiple scalar fields to calculate three-dimensional functions that are valued anywhere in space, such as electron density, spin density, and ELF. This software is generally designed for periodic electron density analysis.

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Download NBOView

Download NBOView 1.1 Orbital viewer

September 22, 2021    

NBOView software free download is a tool for orbitals viewer of Natural Bond Orbital (NBO) of s, p, d angular symmetry and relatively small numbers of atoms and basis functions, and now fully consistent with NBO itself. therefore allows you to display the exotic f, g orbitals and bonding motifs of lanthanide or actinide species, while also providing additional orbital, atom, and image storage for a broader range of visualization options throughout the periodic table.

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Download ChemRate

Download ChemRate 1.5.10 Chemical Kinetics & Dynamic Software

September 21, 2021    

ChemRate software free download is a tool in chemistry for chemical kinetics and dynamic database Software that enables one to calculate time-dependent and steady-state rate coefficients at different temperatures and pressures. Systems of high complexity involving reversible isomerization, decomposition and thermal and chemical activation can be considered.

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Download gNMR

Download gNMR 5.0.6 + Serial

September 20, 2021    

gNMR software free download is  a tool for drawing the spectrum of organic compounds along with their interpretation. This software is an NMR simulator that you can see by drawing an organic structure of the NMR spectrum along with the relevant information and interpret . Although it is possible to draw organic compounds with this program, it is better if you have a program to draw molecular structure such as ChemDraw; Because this program provides more and easier facilities for drawing the structure.

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