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Process Control in Practice for chemical engineering by Tore Hagglund book pdf download, this book covers the most important topics that people working as process control engineers and plant operators will encounter. It focuses on PID control, explains when to use P-, PI-, PD- or PID control as well as PID tuning and includes difficult to control process nonlinearities such as valve stiction or sensor problems. The book also explains advanced control strategies that are necessary when single loop control gives insufficient results.

Process control sits between control engineering and process or chemical engineering and often there is a distinct gap between the two. By explaining both the fundamentals of control and the processes the book is written to appeal to control engineers and process engineers alike.

eBook details

  • Author (s): Tore Hägglund, Margret Bauer
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Publisher:  De Gruyter
  • Writing language: English
  • ISBN: 9783111103723, 9783111104959, 9783111107462, 3111103722
  • Number of pages: 208 pages
  • Book format: PDF
  •  File size: 4 MB
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