Download ChemBuddy CASC- concentration calculator

July 20, 2022| Chemist
Download ChemBuddy CASC- concentration calculator

ChemBuddy CASC- concentration calculator software free download a program for concentration calculations in chemistry. Concentration calculations are rarely difficult, but they can be time consuming. This is especially true when you have to check molar mass or density or if you don’t remember how many water particles are present in a hydrated salt that will be used for solution preparation. Besides, lab practice shows that concentration calculations performed twice for the same data set occasionally give different results for no apparent reason.

CASC was written to facilitate lab work of students, professionals and amateurs. Built in tools will calculate molar mass for a given formula, they will convert concentrations (between molar, milimolar, molal, % w/w, %w/v, densities and molar fractions), they will also calculate dilutions and they will show recipes for complex reagents containing any number of compounds, regardless of their concentrations.

We are testing all our programs solving questions from the problem book prepared for Warsaw University students by prof. Zbigniew Galus and his team back in seventies. CASC allowed to solve over 100 questions from the concentrations chapter in less then 2 hours. Those unsolved were about molarity/normality conversions which are out of the scope of CASC.

Download ChemBuddy CASC- concentration calculator


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