Download ChemDraw for iPad iOS 1.0.1

October 22, 2021| Chemist
Download ChemDraw for iPad

ChemDraw for iPad free download ChemDraw and Chem3D for chemists everywhere structure drawing app based on the world’s most popular. A new scaffold, a new synthetic pathway, an interesting tweak to a promising lead compound – researchers can quickly sketch them with ChemDraw for iPad as ideas take shape and share them with colleagues and save them for later elaboration and processing. Educators and Students can also use ChemDraw for iPad to quickly pose and answer chemical questions and assignments. ChemDraw for iPad features revolutionary Flick-to-Share technology so that researchers, students and teachers can immediately flick chemical drawings to other app users within their network and receive modified structures back; no multi-step emailing or cloud storage services required.

ChemDraw for iPad


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