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Ace Education Chemistry O’level pdf download consists of 19 units. Each unit begins with the introduction and overview of the unit, and ends with the review questions and solutions. To fully benefit, students are advised to cover everything in each unit considered. Students can also learn more from our social media platforms. On these platforms, students can find additional information, ask questions or participate in helping other students. With full confidence, this book will help a number of students, not just by boosting their scores, but also to understand Chemistry Ordinary Level.

Ace Education Book Series aims at giving detailed material in the simplest way to help students understand and recall information easily. The books also highlight the importance and application of each topic in real life so that students can understand why they are learning the material, how the material relates to or can be used in real life.

  • Unit 1: Particulate Nature Of Matter
  • Unit 2: Experimental Techniques
  • Unit 3: Methods Of Purification
  • Unit 4: Elements, Compounds And Mixtures
  • Unit 5: Atomic Structure
  • Unit 6: Chemical Bonding
  • Unit 7: Chemical Formula And Equations
  • Unit 8: Stoichiometry And Mole Concept
  • Unit 9: Periodic Table
  • Unit 10: Acids, Bases And Alkalis
  • Unit 11: Salts
  • Unit 12: Chemical Equations
  • Unit 13: Energy Changes
  • Unit 14: Redox Reactions
  • Unit 15: Electrolysis
  • Unit 16: Metals
  • Unit 17: Atmosphere And Environment
  • Unit 18: Organic Chemistry
  • Unit 19: Macromolecules

eBook Detail

  • Author (s): Nswana Ching’ambu
  • Year of publication: 2021
  • Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Writing language: English
  • ISBN: 9982913166, 9789982913164
  • Number of pages: 214 pages
  • Book format: PDF
  •  File size: 9.21 MB
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