Download Advance NanoLabo Pro 2.8 + Crack

Advance/NanoLabo Pro software full crack license from advancesoft is an integrated GUI program package that supports nanomaterials analysis software based on first-principles calculations. Advance/NanoLabo Supported nanomaterials analysis software is Advance/PHASE, Quantum ESPRESSO and LAMMPS. You can perform first-principles calculations and molecular dynamics calculations and instant visualization of the results.

Search external material databases or create molecular structures to easily model superlattice structures, etc. In addition, the nanolab nanomaterial analysis software can perform calculations based on the set calculation conditions and display the results graphically.

Key features of Advance /NanoLabo

  • Drawing of organic molecules, Solvent molecular packing, Polymer models
  • Surface models, Molecular adsorption on surfaces, Mismatched interface models
  • Search crystal structure and molecular structure from an external database based on the entered chemical formula
  • Easily model supercells, slab models, and more
  • Compatible with Advance/PHASE
  • Automatic generation of input files for calculations
  • Visualize calculation results such as band structure, spectral display, molecular dynamics video and more
  • Supports open source calculation engines (Quantum ESPRESSO, LAMMPS)
  • Supercell, Impurity replacement, Lattice Defects, Space group determination
  • Materials Project
  • PubChem
  • Cell Translation
  • Supercell
  • Impurity Substitution Model Defect Model Surface Model Solvent Molecular Filling Small
  • Molecule Adsorption Model
  • Surface Drawing
  • Organic Molecules Automatic Determination
  • Automatic Determination of Standard Cell Determination of Spatial Groups Interface Model
  • Polymer Periodic Structure Measurement of Bond Length, Bond Angle, Dihedral Angle
  • SCF Calculation
  • Structure Optimization
  • Band Structure Structure Density of States First Principles MD
  • Classical MD
  • XAFS/EELS Spectrum
  • NeuralMD Teacher Data Creation and Training (Separate license agreement is required to use NeuralMD)
  • NeuralMD Self-Learning Hybrid Automatic Force Field Generation
  • CPMD
  • GIPAW (NMR spectrum)
  • Searching Database (Materials Project, PubChem)
  • Translation of Cell
  •  Building Super Cell
  •  Building Slab Model
  •  Finding Primitive/Standard Cell
  •  Conversion between Hexagonal and Orthorhombic Cell
  •  Element Substitution
  •  Lattice Defect
  •  Drawing a Molecule
  •  Packing Molecules
  •  Molecular Adsorption onto Slab

For Quantum ESPRESSO module

  • SCF
  • Geometry Optimization
  • First Principle Molecular Dynamics
  • Band Structure
  • Density of States
  • TD-DFT
  • Phonon’s Band Structure
  • Phonon’s DOS
  • Vibrational Modes

For LAMMPS module

  • Geometry Optimization
  • NVE, NVT, NPT Ensemble
  • Multiple Calculation Scheme Setting
  • Charge & Lennard-Jones Force Field
  • OPLS-AA Force Field (automatically assigning atom types)
  • ReaxFF Force Field
  • EAM / MEAM Force Field

Advance /NanoLabo Pro software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10/11 x64
  • File size: 480 MB
  • Crack: full crack
  • License type: single user for one PC
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