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Advanced Structure and Bonding in Chemistry udemy video course download, Wave Mechanical Concept of the Covalent Bond. This course covers the theories related to the Wave Mechanical Concept of the covalent bond beyond Lewis’s theory.

What you’ll learn

  • Wave Mechanical Concept of the Covalent Bond – Valence Bond Theory, Molecular Orbital Theory and VSEPR Theory.
  • Techniques to construct Molecular Orbital diagrams.
  • Bond Order calculation for a variety of Homonuclear and Heteronuclear molecules.
  • Predicting molecular geometries using VSEPR Theory.

The following are the highlights of the course –

  • A brief idea about wavefunction.
  • Valence Bond Theory – Its postulates and limitations.
  • Molecular Orbital Theory –

What is M. O. Theory?

Conditions for the combination of Atomic Orbitals – The LCAO concept.

Effective overlap of Atomic Orbitals – The symmetry conditions.

Types of Molecular Orbitals and how we obtain them? (sigma and pi M. O.)

Distribution of Molecular Orbitals and its discrepancy – Orbital mixing.

The concept of s-p Mixing.

Bonding and Antibonding M. O.s – What do they mean?

  • Construction of Molecular Orbital Diagrams – How to draw M. O. diagrams?

Homonuclear molecules – H, He, Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F and Ne molecules;

Various types of Oxygen ions.

Heteronuclear molecules – The concept behind heteronuclear M. O. diagram construction.

CO, NO and HF.

  • Calculation of Bond Order.
  • Comparative analysis of Valence Bond and Molecular Orbital Theories.
  • The VSEPR concept – Salient Features

Relation with Hybridization, Bond angle, and Electron Pairs.

Applying VSEPR theory to –

Molecules with regular geometry –

BeF2, BCl3, CH4, PF5, SF6, IF7

Molecules with irregular geometry –

IF5, ClF3, SF4, XeF2, I3-, XeOF2

  • Tips and tricks to flawlessly predict molecular geometries using VSEPR.
  • Applying VSEPR concept – explained with few practice problems.

Course details

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  • Audio quality: Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
  • Movie duration: 6h 31m
  • Number of lessons: 5 Section and 44 lectures
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Compressed file size: 1.6 GB
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