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Altair EDEM software full crack download new software with special features for simulation in industries such as agriculture, mining, road construction and optimization of bulk materials such as drugs, chemicals and metal powders.

This software has been developed with the aim of analyzing the movement of materials from mines and factories and launching a conveyor belt. Unlike other similar software, this software uses the discrete element numerical method (DEM) to perform simulations and solve equations. This numerical solution method is suitable for processing a large number of small particles and is therefore very suitable for bulk materials such as metal powders, minerals, agricultural products and the like.

Special features of this software in iron ore extraction and steelmaking can be such as identification of wear profiles in SAG Mill, optimization of line performance, optimization of material distribution in blast furnaces, prediction of areas prone to severe wear, prevention of gutter blockage, detection of excess material speed and Distributed flows, optimization of abrasion resistance and ensuring proper transfer of mineral ores from the mine to the plant.

This software also has many exclusive capabilities in the field of simulation and analysis of heavy road construction and agricultural machines, such as load and unloading analysis, reduction of loading cycle and fuel consumption, identification of abrasion sites, wide finite element simulation (X-FEM), He calculated the forces applied to the equipment, compared the forces for different materials, determined the risk of wear and tear of the equipment, and simulated all the processes of harvesting various agricultural products, such as wheat and rice.

Leaving aside all the functionalities of this software; This software has great potential for academic purposes. Many multi-physical and multi-engineering phenomena can be analyzed using FEA, DEM, CFD and MBD simulation tools. From simulating the motion of electron particles to the collision of photons with metal surfaces.

Key features of Altair  EDEM software:

  • – Advanced software to simulate the collision and interaction between the device and particles
  • – Simulation based on DEM or discrete element method
  • – Simulation of a large number of small particles
  • – Optimization of various industrial and mining processes
  • – Wide application in steel industry
  • – Simulation and analysis of heavy machinery for road construction and agriculture
  • – Research in academic fields and dynamic studies
  • – Design and optimization of conveyors and particle transfer routes
  • – Significant reduction in costs and fuel consumption of equipment
  • – Increase the reliability of work and life of devices
  • – Prevent hazards and engineering errors
  • – Compatibility with other industrial simulation and design software

Altair  EDEM software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows x64
  • File size: 1.10 GB
  • Crack: Full Crack ( unlimited system)
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