Download ANSYS Electronics Suite (Electromagnetics) 2024 R2 x64 + Crack

ANSYS Electronics Suite (Electromagnetics) desktop 2024 software full crack download and a program that provides solutions that ANSYS offers to designers and engineers active in the field of designing and manufacturing electrical and electronic products, helping them to complete their projects with greater speed and lower costs.

ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite is a powerful and widely used product from ANSYS and consists of three main softwares SIwave, Electronics Desktop and Simplorer. This software is specially designed for the accurate simulation of the electromagnetic field while predicting the behavior of electrical and electromechanical devices, and in fact, the main purpose of this software is to respond to both the spectrum of electromechanical systems and high-speed and high-frequency microwave and RF components.

Ansys Electronics Desktop is a comprehensive platform for electronics families that enables electrical engineers to design and simulate a wide range of electrical, electronic and electromagnetic components, devices and systems. It provides a unified interface for building and analyzing electromagnetic (EM), thermal, and circuit designs. Engineers can use gold-standard tools such as Ansys HFSS, Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Q3D Extractor and Ansys Icepak in ECAD and MCAD workflows.

ANSYS Electronics Suite includes the following software:

  • ANSYS Electronics Desktop
  • ANSYS PEmag
  • ANSYS Savant
  • ANSYS SIwave
  • ANSYS Twin Builder
  • ANSYS PExprt
  • Ansys HFSS
  • ANSYS Simplorer
  • Ansys Maxwell
  • Ansys Icepak

Key features of ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite software:

  • Low frequency electromagnetic field simulation
  • Design of motor, mechanical actuator, converter and other electromagnetic devices
  • Designing all kinds of electromechanical devices
  • Simulating the results of electromagnetic fields, scattering parameters and currents
  • Simulation of complex electronics-power systems
  • Simulation of electrical controlled systems
  • Analysis and simulation in very small and very large scales
  • Advanced 3D simulation of electromagnetic waves around the field

ANSYS Electronics Suite (Electromagnetics) software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10 & 11 x64
  • File size: 22 GB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
  • Step by step installation guide: English
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