Download ANSYS Motor-CAD v2024 R1.2

ANSYS Motor-CAD software full crack download and it has been specially developed for the design and evaluation of automobile combustion engines, their topology and their conceptual designs. This software has put together a set of tools to determine the efficiency, optimality, size and cost of engines and balance them. This software includes four main modules, EMag, Therm, Lab, and Mech, which allow engineers to quickly perform multi-physics calculations so that users can go from conceptual design to final design as quickly as possible.

This software for design uses 2D finite element simulation, thermal analysis, electrical and mechanical analysis, each of which operates independently in each module. The software has a carefully constructed user interface that makes for easy data input and interpretation of results. Many of the features that make Motor-CAD the perfect optimisation tool have been developed in close consultation with customers to meet the needs of the industry.

  •  EMag: Offers a fast 2D finite element module for accurate electromagnetic and electrical performance predictions.
  • Therm: Combines a lumped circuit and finite element thermal calculation for optimising the cooling system of a machine.
  • Lab: Provides efficiency mapping and duty cycle / drive cycle transient outputs within minutes.
  •  Mechanical: Offers a fast 2D finite element module for accurate rotor stress analysis predictions.
Key features of Motor-CAD software:
  • Combustion engine design from conceptual design to final design
  • It has four independent modules for different stages of engine design
  • Optimizing the efficiency, size and cost of design and production
  • Performing thermal, electrical and mechanical analyzes on designs
  • Using two-dimensional finite element simulation for calculations
  • Suitable for multi-physics calculations and stress analysis
  • Calculation of rotors and life of parts
  • Investigating the electromagnetic properties of the motor

ANSYS Motor-CAD software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10,11 x64
  • File size: 1.5 GB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited PC)
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