Download ANSYS Rocky 2024 R1.1 x64 + MODULES + SDK

ANSYS Rocky 2024 dem software download with crack is a tool to simulate the motion of granular materials (including granular particles) and discontinuous by the discrete component (DEM) method.
Bulk material (Bulk material dry materials that are in the form of grains or powder such as rock, sand, soil, salt, grains, chemicals, etc. and stored in bulk) and granular material (granular fine grains) O-shaped plastic particles or fragments with a unique polymer structure are used to produce a variety of products, especially plastic materials.) They are used as the main element in many industries. Using specialized software, you can simulate and model the process of using these materials in the computer to greatly reduce the risk and costs.
Ansys Rocky is designed to solve engineering problems. Using this software, you will be able to uniquely model the shape of real particles such as solids, two-dimensional shells and rigid and flexible fibers. Simulation with Ansys Rocky is very fast and accurate. With Multi-Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology, you can simulate the behavior of particles of different shapes and sizes in many industrial applications.

Key features of ANSYS Rocky software:

  • Simulate particle shapes (including fibers) realistically
  • Simulation and detailsed study of particle physics
  • Modeling of particles with non-spherical shapes
  •  Efficient computing and doubly accurate computing (using proper GPU performance)
  • Wide range of particle size distributions
  • Calculation of dry and wet materials rheology
  •  Calculation and three-dimensional visualization of surface wear
  • Adjust the rotation, movement and vibration of equipment elements
  •  Importing 3D geometric CAD models, clear definition of raw data and calculation of boundary conditions
  • Integration with ANSYS finite element solvers (finite element salvers)
  • Animation of simulation results and creation of panoramic video reports
  •  Coating modeling, particle breaking, particle cohesion
  •  Enter data related to 3D scanning
  •  Working with shell particles and two-dimensional fibers

ANSYS Rocky software details:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • File Size: 1.5 MB
  • Crack: Full Crack
  • Included: MODULES + SDK
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