Download Aquaveo WMS Premium v11.1.2 x64

Aquaveo WMS Premium software crack download is a tool in the field of modeling of watersheds and groundwater resources, which has been able to provide a full range of tools for modeling and analysis of water resources for all hydrological and hydraulic phases in a single environment. This software provides engineers with powerful tools for modeling automated processes, including automatic watershed extraction, geometric parameter calculation, layer overlap calculation in GIS, cross-sectional extraction of terrain data, and storm piping systems design.

Other features of this software include the study of two-dimensional scattered data, engineering design data, two-dimensional segmented data and one-dimensional hydraulic data (HECRAS). The software also supports various modeling models such as EPANET, EPA-SWMM and HY12 and allows the study and accurate addressing of GIS data. The software also has a dedicated module called MWBM, which is used to edit and build GSSHA models and offers professional solutions to engineers based on land features, piping systems and other mineral parameters.

Key features of Aquaveo WMS Premium software:

  • – Automatic completion of geological data such as area, altitude, etc.
  • – Advanced software for modeling various types of groundwater resources
  • – Performing engineering calculations such as the filling time of underground aquifers
  • – Support for most hydrological modeling standards
  • – Hydraulic modeling and division of urban water transmission system
  • – Tool for entering and editing land toll data
  • – Compatibility with other similar software
  • – Tool for studying and editing GIS data
  • – Automated hydrological modeling
  • – Storm coping modeling
  • – Two-dimensional hydrology
  • – GIS Tools
  • – Web-based data acquisition tools
  • – Terrain data import and editing tools
  • – Automated watershed delineation & hydrologic modeling
  • – Support for the most industry standard hydrologic models
  • – Step-by-step hydrologic modeling wizard
  • – Hydraulic modeling & floodplain mapping
  • – Storm drain modeling
  • – 2D (Distributed) Hydrology
  • – Integration with FHWA hydraulic calculation software
  • – Export WMS animations to Google Earth

Aquaveo WMS Premium software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows x64
  • File size: 1.31 GB
  • Crack: Full Crack
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