ARANZ Geo Leapfrog Hydro v2.8.3 x64

Leapfrog Hydro software full crack download Leapfrog engineering software is a by-product and modular product that has been specially developed for hydrogeological purposes and groundwater pollution studies. Using this software, you can easily make and analyze your desired models from even the smallest available data.

The data entry of this software is only geographical and hydrogeological information from groundwater sources and various types of water pollution. This software uses the powerful Leapfrog engine and its output quality is the same size as the main software.

This software performs both numerical solution and analytical simulation by modeling water flows by MODFLOW and FEFLOW methods. This software has many applications in designing and modeling water resources. Using this software, you can determine the sources of groundwater directly from aerial photographs and geological data and start the process analysis operation.

The more data you add to the software, the more accurate the software predicts anonymous data. This software also has the ability to visualize blue data and is able to show you all the drawings and designs that you have applied in the form of documents and creative images.

All models in this software are updated dynamically, and for this reason, you always have the latest version of the design in front of you. But the features of this software are not limited to these cases and provide a wide range of tools in the field of hydrography and hydrology for engineers.

Key features of Leapfrog Hydro software:

  • – The most advanced software for modeling geographic data
  • – Optimized for hydrological purposes and pollution study
  • – Modeling of wells, aqueducts and groundwater resources
  • – Modeling from aerial and geographical maps
  • – Input of geological and hydrographic data
  • – Automatic update of models when adding data
  • – Illustration of millions of 3D data points
  • – Compatibility with other Leapfrog software
  • – Exploration and marking of water wells
  • – Determining the capacity and remaining volume of water resources

Leapfrog Hydro software detail:

  • Operating system: windows x64
  • Crack: Full Crack ( unlimited system)
  • File Size: 164 MB
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