Download Aspen Plus V11 Course: Heat Exchangers EDR Exchanger Design & Rating

Aspen Plus V11 Course: Heat Exchangers EDR Exchanger Design & Rating video tutorial by udemy. Aspen Plus is a powerful engineering simulation software that you can use to model a wide range of chemical processes. It is widely used in engineering universities and in the industry, in research, development, modeling and design.

Aspen Plus serves as the engineering platform for modeling processes from Upstream through Gas Processing to Petroleum Refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical processes.This online course is designed around a series of heat exchanger examples which we work through to a model solution. It is an essential guide to understanding the principles, features and functions of Aspen Plus when modeling heat transfer and heat exchangers.This understanding is a prerequisite for a successful design, simulation, rating & optimization of your heat transfer equipment.The knowledge gained in this course will set you apart from your peers, whether you are a graduate student, a practicing chemical engineer, or a manager, and will give you an edge over your competitors when seeking employment at industrial facilities.

What You’ll Learn

  • Compare and contrast the applicability and operation of different heat exchanger models available in Aspen Plus
  • Learn the fundamentals of producing an optimized shell & tube heat exchanger design
  • Implement Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating (EDR) for rigorous heat exchanger calculations within Aspen Plus
  • Use the Activated Exchanger Analysis feature for continuous heat exchanger study and design
  • Design and rate a shell and tube heat exchanger using the EDR interface inside Aspen Plus


  • A background in chemical engineering or industrial chemistry
  • Aspen Plus (Version 7 at least) – Version 11 is used in this training

Course content

  • Lecture 1 Introducing this Aspen Plus module
  • Lecture 2 Software and hardware
  • Section 2: ABOUT ASPEN PLUS
  • Lecture 3 What is Aspen Plus ?
  • Lecture 4 Why is Aspen Plus so important ?
  • Lecture 5 Who uses Aspen Plus ?
  • Lecture 6 How can we translate a chemical process into an Aspen Plus simulation model ?
  • Section 3: HEAT EXCHANGERS
  • Lecture 7 Learning objectives
  • Lecture 8 Process description
  • Lecture 9 Heat Exchanger models
  • Lecture 10 The “Heater” model
  • Lecture 11 The “HeatX” model
  • Lecture 12 The Exchanger Design & Rating (EDR)
  • Lecture 13 The EDR Exchanger Feasibility Panel
  • Lecture 14 Useful EDR Exchanger features
  • Lecture 15 The “HeatX” rigorous mode for heat exchanger design
  • Lecture 16 Section wrap-up
  • Section 4: WHAT IS NEXT ?
  • Lecture 17 Taking your Aspen Plus skills to the next level ?
  • Lecture 18 Flash Separation & Distillation Module : Introduction
  • Lecture 19 Liquid-Liquid Extraction Module : Introduction
  • Lecture 20 Chemical Reactor Module : Introduction
  • Lecture 21 Piping System Module : Introduction
  • Lecture 22 Economic Optimization Module : Introduction
  • Lecture 23 Solids handling Module : Introduction
  • Lecture 24 Fluidized bed modeling in Aspen Plus
  • Lecture 25 Aspen Plus Safety Environment : Process description

Course details

  • Movie quality: MP4 | Video: h264, 1280 × 720
  • Audio quality: Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
  • Movie duration: 1h 45m
  • Number of lessons:  25 lectures
  • Language: English
  • Compressed file size: 720 MB
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