Download Aveva Everything 3D (E3D): Beginner to An Advanced Level Course

Aveva Everything 3D(E3D): Beginner to An Advanced Level video course download AVEVA E3D complete Modelling. AVEVA E3D is quick to learn and use, minimising the time required to become fully productive. Its compatibility with other AVEVA solutions ensures access to an extensive global resource of skilled and experienced designers and system administrators, providing valuable flexibility in responding to fluctuating demand.

AVEVA E3D offers exceptional efficiency in generating consistently highquality deliverables, adjusted to the latest construction site / fabrication yard conditions, and delivers substantial business value by reducing construction rework and dependably enabling more right-first-time construction.

To enable clash-free, multi-discipline 3D design, and rapidly generate accurate drawings and reports to meet demanding project schedules. To reduce the costs, timescales and commercial risks of both new-build and brownfield capital engineering projects and support users’ long-term development of efficient Lean Construction methodologies. To provide best-in-class project execution capabilities and the ability to collaborate with the extensive global community of AVEVA users.

The product contains the following main modules:

  • MODEL – interactive 3D design, consistency checking and Bills of Materials
  • DRAW – production of scaled drawings from the 3D model
  • ISODRAFT – production of piping isometrics from the 3D model

Course Content

  • Section 1: INTRODUCTION
  • Lecture 1 Introduction
  • Lecture 2 How to create a site, zone and Equipment
  • Lecture 3 Primitives
  • Lecture 4 Negative Primitives or Extruction
  • Lecture 5 Create a nozzle and nozzle orientation
  • Lecture 6 Modify a nozzle and orientation
  • Lecture 7 How to create a horizontal equipment (REFLUX DRUM)
  • Lecture 8 How to create a vertical equipment (CRACKING TOWER)
  • Lecture 9 How to create a standarad equipment
  • Lecture 10 Arrangement of equipment
  • Lecture 11 Basic command used in equipment
  • Section 3: PIPING MODULE
  • Lecture 12 Creating a pipe and component
  • Lecture 13 How to create a branch pipe
  • Lecture 14 Modify a pipe and component
  • Lecture 15 Pipe router
  • Lecture 16 Pipe sloping
  • Lecture 17 Creating a branch pipe -1 (100-C-13)
  • Lecture 18 Creating a branch pipe -2 (150-A-57)
  • Lecture 19 Editor
  • Lecture 20 Data consistency
  • Lecture 21 Creating a columns and fittings
  • Lecture 22 Beta angle
  • Lecture 23 Creating a beams, joints and connections
  • Lecture 24 Cladding
  • Lecture 25 mitre,split and merge
  • Lecture 26 create a arc,ring and curve in section
  • Lecture 27 creating panels and fittings
  • Lecture 28 creating panel arc,disc,ring and negative extruction in panels
  • Lecture 29 Foundation
  • Lecture 30 Floors and Fittings
  • Lecture 31 walls and Fittings
  • Lecture 32 Create and modify Hand Rail
  • Lecture 33 Create and modify Rung Ladders
  • Lecture 34 Create and modify Stair Flight
  • Lecture 35 components
  • Section 5: GRIDS
  • Lecture 36 Rectangular
  • Lecture 37 Cylindrical
  • Lecture 38 Rectangular Tower
  • Lecture 39 Triangular Tower
  • Lecture 40 How to create a building using grids
  • Lecture 41 Final view of chemical plant
  • Section 6: ISODRAFT
  • Lecture 42 Creating a Isometrics Output Format
  • Section 7: DRAFT
  • Lecture 43 Creating a DXF / DWG Output

Who this course is for:

  • AVEVA EVERYTHING 3D is the world most technologically advanced and powerful 3D design solution for the process plant and power industries
  • E3D software is not a much complex designing software any other designing software.
  • who are search a perfect designing software in oil and gas domain E3d is suitable for your career

Course details

  • Movie quality: MP4 | Video: h264, 1280 × 720
  • Audio quality: Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
  • Movie duration: 09 h 10 m
  • Number of lessons:  43 lectures
  • Language: English
  • Compressed file size: 6.56 GB
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