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B.Sc. Chemistry Practical-V Edition-2F Code- 1242 Concept+ TheoremsDerivation + Solved Numericals + Practice Exercise  Text Book pdf download.

1. Laboratory hazards and safety precautions.
2. Organic qualitative analysis; binary mixture of organic compounds separable by H2O.
3. Organic synthesis; through nitration, halogenation, and simple oxidation.
4. Physical chemistry experiments based on solubility and transition temperature.
5. Demonstrative chromatographic experiments; Paper chromatography (analytical separation of simple organic compounds-carbohydrates/Amino Acids).
Home assignments: based on theoretical aspects of the experiments.
One exercise each from organic binary mixture, organic synthesis and physical chemistry experiments shall be given in the examination.
Distribution of marks shall be as given below:
A. Organic qualitative analysis (water separable binary mixture)
B. Organic Synthesis
C. Physical chemistry experiment
D. Viva
E. Home assignment/internal assessment, semester record and attendance

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