Download Bentley HAMMER CONNECT Edition Update 2 v10.02.02.06 x64

Bentley HAMMER CONNECT Edition software download is tool for Chemical Engineers that every time a pump or valve is operated, potentially dangerous transients are introduced in your water distribution or wastewater system. Unchecked, transients can have catastrophic consequences on your pipes and equipment, operators, and customers.

Water utilities, municipalities, and engineering firms around the world trust HAMMER’s computationally rigorous engine and easy-to-use interface to efficiently identify, manage, and mitigate the risks associated with transients.

Bentley Hammer is one of the best water pipe analysis and modeling software that can run Microstation, AutoCAD and ArcGIS programs. Utilities, municipalities, and engineering firms around the world have documented and used this program to manage and reduce risk. This program allows you to have a direct interface with WaterCAD and WaterGEMS and can import data from EPANET.

Key Features  of Bentley HAMMER software:

  • Developing cost effective strategies
  • Prevent damage to cost infrastructure
  • Building and managing hydraulic models
  • Save water system design costs with GMI SA Ingenieros Consultores
  • Start ArcGIS Enhanced Software
  • Improved support for very large models
  • Adjustment of the construction, operation and maintenance budget
  • Modeling the wave protection device
  • Minimizing pipe corrosion and rupture
  • Unstable state simulation
  • Ensure long life of the water system
  • Failure readiness and less service outages
  • Reducing operating and maintenance costs
  • Option to reduce tube wave velocity at low pressures
  • Turbine running when valve is closed
  • HAMMER Engine Optimization

Bentley HAMMER CONNECT Edition software details:

  • Operating system: Windows x64
  • File Size: 943 MB
  • Crack: Full Crack
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