Download BioSolveIT SeeSAR 7.1 + License

BioSolveIT SeeSAR software crack download  with license is a tool for simulating and evaluating composites – molecular and atomic compounds. This software supports multi-parameter optimization in the structure design process, which makes the designed structures very close to reality. The ability to consider the parameters of each combination in the software, as well as the ability to create real-time 3D designs, has made SeeSAR a powerful computer assistant. interactive and visual molecular modeling and drug design platform for compound evolution and priorization backed up by science

Key features of SeeSAR software:

  •  Implementation of complex atomic and molecular graphics
  • visual molecular modeling and drug design
  • Approximate estimation of ΔS / ΔH- Support of physical and chemical parameters
  • Import PDB or Protein Data Bank data
  • Analysis of thermal torsional fluctuations
  • Phys-chem properties
  • Torsional statistics analyses
  • 2D molecule browsing
  • Fantastic new 3D graphics features
  • Persistent amino acid labels and better view of reference
  • And …
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