Download BRE ProMax 2.0.7047 + Crack

BRE ProMax software crack download very powerful simulation software package used by engineers around the world to design and optimize chemical processing facilities and the gas industry and chemistry. chemical process simulator for process troubleshooting and design, developed and sold by Bryan Research and Engineering and This software is fully integrated with Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, ProMax is a comprehensive tool that has gained a significant amount of capabilities by expanding the capabilities of its predecessors, namely TSWEET and PROSIM.

key Features of BRE ProMax software:

  • Amine Sweetening
  • Glycol Dehydration
  • Equipment Rating / Sizing
  • Crude Oil Refining
  • LPG Recovery
  • Caustic Treating
  • Sulfur Recovery / Tailgas Cleanup
  • Import and Export to Excel files
  • Generating a Report
  • Reactor Applications
  • Gibbs Minimization, Equilibrium, Plug Flow, Conversion, Stirred Tank
  • Sour Water Stripper
  • Pipelines / Gathering System Networks
  • Separator Sizing
  • Physical solvent for sweetening
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