Download Cadence Celsius EC Solver 2023.2 HF4 (x64)

Cadence Celsius EC Solver software full crack download and The Future Facilities, a business Cadence, is pleased to announce the availability of Cadence Celsius Thermal Solver 2023.2 HF2 is a complete electrical-thermal co-simulation solution for the full hierarchy of electronic systems from ICs to physical enclosures.

The Cadence Celsius EC Solver technology (formerly 6SigmaET by Future Facilities) is designed specifically to enable electronic system designers to address today’s most challenging thermal/electronics cooling management problems quickly and accurately. The Celsius EC Solver utilizes a powerful computational engine and meshing technology that enables designers to model and analyze complex designs to not only reduce the risks of product failures but also to optimize thermal solutions to maximize performance. Electronics cooling simulation software for accurate and fast analysis of the thermal performance of electronic systems

The Celsius EC Solver analyzes the fluid flow and heat transfer of even the most complex electronic systems. The software solves for convection, conduction, and radiation using a proprietary multi-level unstructured (MLUS) meshing technology. It can analyze airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in electronic assemblies and enclosures. The solver can solve for natural convection, forced convection, solar heating, and liquid cooling.

The Celsius simulator integrates seamlessly into the Cadence electronics design software. Component topology and PCB geometry are read from Cadence proprietary format files. Neutral file formats such as STEP are used to represent the geometrical parameters of the device’s 3D design, as well as 3D objects on printed circuit boards and components.

 Thus, Celsius provides additional convenience to CAD users by separating the geometric parameters of the system from the topology of the current project: if the design parameters change, the developer does not need to reload the board topology data. Celsius simulates heat over time, such as a change in electric current, or time, mode changes, and power profiles that can be obtained from electronics design software.

Cadence Design Systems announced that it has completed the acquisition of Future Facilities. The addition of Future Facilities technologies and expertise supports the Cadence Intelligent System Design strategy and broadens its multiphysics system analysis and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) portfolios.Future Facilities’ electronics cooling analysis and energy performance optimization solutions for data center design and operations using physics-based 3D digital twins enables leading technology companies to make informed business decisions about data center design, operations and lifecycle management and reduce their carbon footprint.

Cadence Celsius EC Solver Features:
  • -Object-based meshing feature adapts the mesh to ensure accurate analysis of the device. Rules can be optionally defined, providing meshing guidance to ensure that the individual objects are simulated correctly.
  • -Parallel processing technology distributes simulation tasks across multiple cores and multiple machines, enabling fast analysis of complex electronics designs in both transient and steady-state simulation modes.
  • -Imports complex mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) models from Creo Parametric, Solidworks, CATIA, and other major MCAD tools. Imported MCAD models can be analyzed without simplification.
  • -Automatically places intelligent modeling objects within the system-level model, providing automatic object-based mesh generation, determining the ideal grid size for a simulation, and automatically checking for collision and modeling errors before solving.

Cadence Celsius EC Solver software details:

  • Supported Operating system: Windows 10 or 11 x64
  • File Size: 6.4 GB
  • Languages Supported: English
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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