Download CCDC Gold Suite 5.3 Protein Ligand Docking

CCDC Gold Suite Protein Ligand Docking The Cambridge CCDC Crystallographic Information Center software is one of the pioneers of structural and software databases for drug discovery, material development, research and training. This software is very useful for virtual screening, optimization and identification of the proper binding state of active molecules. CCDC software is also used to study molecular docking and crystallography and to study the structures and crystals of chemistry.

CCDC Gold Suite software enables you to obtain safe state predictions and confidence of molecules and to enrich the above databases. This software reliably determines the appropriate connection mode for a wide range of test items and has been shown to perform well compared to other connectivity tools in numerous independent studies.

CCDC Gold Suite software is highly customizable, allowing you to fully utilize your knowledge of a ligand protein system to maximize binding performance. It also counts for receiver flexibility through chain flexibility and most importantly docking categories.

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CCDC Gold Suite  Protein Ligand Docking Details

  • Operating System: Windows & Linux
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