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Ansys (CES) Granta EduPack 2024 software download full crack license Granta EduPack product is one of the most powerful materials selection software for various industries such as materialsand chemical engineering, medical engineering, mechanical engineering, polymers, composites, structural engineering and so on. Which can help to optimize the choice of materials in that branch based on the properties of materials, production costs, environmental advantages and disadvantages and other factors considered by experts in each field.
CES EduPack software, in addition to having a complete reference for specialized information in the field of material properties, can draw similar diagrams based on user choices. So that the user can select the material from these diagrams in the best possible way and in the simplest way.

Granta EduPack provides support to enhance undergraduate materials education. EduPack includes a database of materials and process information, materials selection tools and a range of supporting resources. EduPack is divided into three levels so that students can access a suitable level of information as they progress through their studies.

Granta EduPack has also been designed to support a wide variety of teaching styles, from the design- and science-led approaches to problem-based teaching.

Key features of Granta EduPack  software:

  • Comprehensive Database of Materials and Processes
  • Introduce Sustainability in Engineering Design
  • Powerful Visualization and Selection Tools
  • Interactive Projects, Exercises and Lectures
  • Visualize Material Properties
  • Browse Like an Interactive Textbook
  • Add Models with Synthesizer
  • Supports Leading Materials Textbooks
  • Ashby Materials Selection Methodology
  • Materials Science and Engineering Database
  • Material Universe: Data on 10,000 Materials
  • Eco Audit for Engineering Design
  • Sustainability and Eco-Design Databases

Granta EduPack software details:

  • Supported operating system: Windows
  • File Size: 1.68 GB + 2.5 GB
  • Crack: Full Crack
  • License validity: Permanently
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