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Chemaxon MarvinSketch software  with Crack and license key and MarvinView software is a specialized chemistry program and software that includes an advanced chemical editor for building chemical structures, searching for different types of reactions provided by ChemAxon. One of the prominent features of MarvinSuite software is support for various formats for displaying 2D and 3D chemical structures.

MarvinSketch – Create and Design
MarvinSketch features an extensive set of functionalities to enable the fast and accurate drawing of chemical compounds, reactions, Markush structures and query molecules. Furthermore, MarvinSketch has built-in structure and valence checkers to provide guidance, and integrated property calculators to pull live results – upon your request. Not only does MarvinSketch translate chemistry into a digital environment, it also supports the widest selection of industrially acknowledged standard chemical file formats.

This list is rich in a variety of reactions and structures (and growing) features of this software, is chemically up-to-date and can be a plug-in to calculate the structure of ChemAxon-based structure for chemical structures.

MarvinView – View your molecules
MarvinView is an advanced chemical viewer for single and multiple 2D/3D chemical structures, queries, reactions and their associated data. This lightweight renderer can display even thousands of molecules in a matrix or spreadsheet view along with the on-the-fly calculated fields, like molecule name, generated IUPAC name and SMILES strings. It supports all common chemistry file formats as well as some document formats, if you use Document to Structure license

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