Download ChemBioOffice Ultra Suite 13.0

ChemBioOffice Ultra Suite It is a software for formulating and drawing chemical structures in chemistry and biology. ChemBioOffice Ultra Suite is a series of specialized and applied chemistry software for students and professors of chemistry.

Features of ChemBioOffice Ultra Suite software:

  • Design a variety of chemical structures with Copy to Past capability to other Windows software environments such as Word
  • Iupac Structures to Name Convert
  • Draw the shape and structure of molecules from their names Insert name as Structures
  • Modification of structures and dimensions according to the standards of reputable journals such as JACS and …
  • Predicting CNMR and HNMR chemical shifts with relatively high accuracy, which is of interest to chemists due to its importance and use
  • Find the name of the compound by giving its extensive structure
  • Part of ChemDraw with some thermodynamic constants gives the structure of a proposed composition with low accuracy

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