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Chembuddy pH calculator is designed to help you in time consuming calculations that you may encounter in your daily practice. With acid formulas, names and dissociation constants fetched from the database, and fast numerical engine, calculation of pH of rather nasty mixtures of phosphoric acid and ammonia (five separate equilibria – three for the acid, one for ammonia, one for water) can be calculated as fast as you are able to type in concentrations – but that’s not all!

  • Find – using pH calculator – exact pH of any mixture of strong/weak/polyprotic acid and base. Such mixtures include solutions of most salts and buffers.
  • Calculate, ignore, or force ionic strength during pH calculation.
  • Let pH calculator calculate concentrations (or activities) of all forms of dissociated acid and base present in the solution.
  • Use built into pH calculator expandable acid and base database.
  • Use expandable indicator database to check approximate colors of indicators in the solutions of calculated pH.
  • Calculate the concentration of acids and bases using the simple concentration calculator.
  • Define solution constitution in several easy ways.
  • Use pH calculator to calculate the shape of virtually any acid/base titration curve.
  • Let pH calculator print calculation results and titration curves for further reference.

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