Download ChemDoodle 2D 8.0.1 Win/Linux/Mac

ChemDoodle 2D crack download software for drawing chemical structures and laboratory shapes of chemistry that products from iChemLabs company. ChemDoodle is a special program for designing the best possible chemical structures. what sets this software apart is its expertise in designing a variety of chemical molecules. It is possible to use this program in 64 or 32 bit operating systems and you can run it on Windows, Mishtash and Linux. Among the programs that support the format of this software are iWork and OpenOffice. Chemical structures have never been so well designed, with years of experience and experience in the graphic design of chemical structures, this program has undergone many developments.

Key Features of iChemLabs ChemDoodle 2D:

  •  Improving the graphics system more than the current industry standards.
  • New powerful tool for designing custom rings and connecting them to atoms.
  • Ability to integrate Superscript and Subscript for easy creation of atomic symbols.
  • A more accurate eraser tool for modifying selected parts of a structure.
  • Text output settings and improvements in EPS, SVG and PDF outputs.
  • Support for SketchEl (el) and Crystallographic Information Format (cif) formats.
  • Thousands of new BioArt.
  • And many other updates …
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