Download ChemProject v6.3.0 Chemical Synthesis Tool

ChemProject A powerful yet easy-to-use tool for quickly evaluating and calculating chemical synthesis (combining or decomposing materials to produce matter). This software can be used as a professional assistant in chemical laboratories. For example, using it, you will be able to enter a sequence of laboratory scale tests and the amounts of materials required for a certain amount of the final product. Get a multi-step synthesis campaign with related material costs, operating volume, and wasted stream evaluation. Convergent syntheses are also supported by ChemProject. In addition, this software allows you to identify optimal hotspots and simulate and compare different methods based on the relevant synthetic criteria.

Key features of ChemProject software:

  •  Identification of branches, stages, unit operations and chemical synthesis materials
  •  Investigate the true complexity of synthesis at a glance
  • Recognize the amount of materials, cost and volume of materials
  •  Analysis of chemical syntheses
  •  Preparation of three-dimensional diagrams of the results of chemical synthesis analysis
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