Download Code V 10.4 Optical Design Software + Crack

Code V Optical design software from synopsys is used to modeling, analyze, optimize and provide manufacturing support for the development of various application optical systems. It provides a powerful yet simple tool to use optical and computational techniques that enable you to create superior designs and work in the time they were created.

Features of Code V Optical design software:

  • Make Better Optical Designs Faster
  • Tolerance to Reduce Manufacturing Costs
  • Beam Synthesis Propagation
  • Design optimization (including Global Synthesis) that speeds time to market
  • Fast, accurate tolerancing for superior fabrication support
  • Accurate, groundbreaking beam propagation analysis
  • CODE V’s Glass Expert provides AI-optimized glass selection to maximize design
  • performance and control manufacturing costs
  • Extensive built-in libraries of optical system models (patents, etc.), components, and optical glasses
  • Comprehensive graphics capabilities (pictures, data plots, shaded displays), including 3D visualizations and diffraction-based image simulations
  • Non-sequential surface modeling for unusual systems
  • Fast 2D image simulation to visualize optical system performance
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