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Computer Aided Drug Design Course by udemy download and learn  basic principles of drug design and the steps needed in virtual screening in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Discovery. The main concept of computer-aided drug design and molecular modeling Described in this course. Computer aided drug design (CADD) is an interdisciplinary science with rapid updates of new knowledge and new methods. Therefore, we focus on introduction of the process of new drug discovery and the growth of new rules and new technologies.

The course allows student to learn computational methods in drug design, pharmacophores, the relevance of and methods involved in the improvement of binding interactions between drug and its targets (finding lead compounds, the role of combinatorial chemistry, drug actions at receptors, improvement of pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. Computer-aided drug design and molecular modeling. Relevance of drug metabolism regarding the affinity of molecules to pharmacological receptors, transporters and metabolizing enzymes in sequential pathways including examples for active metabolites and prodrugs.In the computer course the students will get acquainted with methods used to correlate physicochemical properties with biological activity and the basics of computer-based methods of 3D-QSAR in order to understand their relevance for lead identification, modification and optimization.bioinformatics in rational drug design. Computer aided drug design uses pharmacophore models quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, the quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR), etc, on enzyme or receptor, so as to achieve the purpose of drug design.

Content of the this course

  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. Drug Targets
  • 03. QSAR
  • 04. Pharmcophore model
  • 05. Docking
  • 06. Pharmacokinetics and Drug Design

Course details

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  • Movie duration: 3h 13m
  • Number of lessons: 6 Section and 6 lectures
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Compressed file size: 1.75 GB
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