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PICS3D Crosslight software full crack license download, Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator in 3D, is a state of the art 3D-simulator for surface and edge emission laser diodes, SOA, and other similar active waveguide devices. The 2D/3D semiconductor equations (drift-diffusion, Poisson, etc..) are coupled to the optical modes in both lateral and longitudinal directions. TCAD and Optical properties such as quantum well/wire/dot optical gain and spontaneous emission rates are computed self-consistently.

the functionality of 2D laser solver (LASTIP) has also been folded into PICS3D and this allows for easy simulation of laser devices without significant longitudinal effects and more flexibility for customers working on a variety of laser device designs.

Applications of PICS3D software:

  • Semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA)
  • Superluminescent diodes (SLED)
  • Waveguide photodetectors (WPD)
  • Electroabsorption modulators (EAM)
  • Tunable and external-cavity lasers
  • Semiconductor ring lasers
  • Sampled-grating, gain-coupled and 2nd-order gratings
  • Models of various quantum well/wire/dot structures
  • 2D and 3D simulation of edge emitting lasers
  • DFB and DBR lasers and other devices with strong longitudinal effects
  • Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL)
  • Quantum cascade lasers (intersubband models)
  • Self-heating and thermal roll-over
Key features of Crosslight PICS3D:
  • 3D distribution of electron and hole concentration in laser
  • Band diagram according to different bias conditions in laser
  • Quantum well subband structures in lasers
  • 3Dl distribution of accumulation and concentration of deep traps in semiconductors
  • 3D distribution of laser field and optical gain
  • Optical characteristics in terms of current (L-I) in lasers
  • 3D potential, electric field and laser current distribution
  • Multiple emission mode spectrum at different laser power levels
  • Laser wavelength, output power and longitudinal distribution of photon density based on bias current
  • Relative intensity of noise (RIN), frequency noise (FM) and spectrum line width at different bias
  • Characteristics of DFB lasers with multimode simulation
  • Characteristics of static tunability and dynamic modulation of single or multi-electrode DFB and DBR lasers
  • Second harmonic distortion in a laser system under direct current modulation

Crosslight PICS3D software details:

  • Operating system: Windows 10, 11 x64
  • File Size: 903 MB
  • Crack: Full Crack (unlimited and perpetual)
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