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CrystalDiffract 6 provides x-ray & neutron powder diffraction software and the most beautiful displays, which you can easily copy to other programs in high-resolution vector format: copy to the clipboard, drag-and-drop into other programs, or save to file. You have extensive control over the display, including pattern colours, line and marker sizes/styles, transparency, shadows, peak overlays, gridlines, film styles and colours, peak labels (including content, positioning and alignment), Legend display, plot title – plus your text fonts and sizes.

CrystalDiffract provides powerful x-ray and neutron powder diffraction simulation capabilities: but is quick and easy to use. Choose one of four preset simulation types: constant-wavelength X-rays, neutrons; energy-dispersive X-rays; or time-of-flight neutrons. Multi-processing allows for fast profile simulation, and real-time adjustment of diffraction and sample parameters: placing you firmly in control of your diffraction experiment.

CrystalDiffract features

  • Diffraction at Your Fingertips
  • Analyze Experimental Data
  • Drag-and-Drop Mixture Simulation
  • Gorgeous Graphics to Go
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