Download Crystalline Solids 2.0.1 visualize crystal structure

Crystalline Solids software download is a tool for simulating a variety of crystal structures in chemistry. Crystalline Solids displays three-dimensional representations of crystal lattices using advanced perspective and lighting effects. These rendering effects make it easy to visualize the three-dimensional structures of different types of crystal lattices.

Crystalline Solids A suitable software to quickly modeling and show the three-dimensional structure of more than ten different types of crystal lattices of chemical elements and compounds. This software is able to show the components of the crystal in both large and small sizes and also be able to specify An atom is in a crystal lattice. To better understand the 3D grid, rods can be placed between the crystal components. The software database consists of 10 elements and 18 sample chemical compounds, the crystal model of which can be seen in two simple modes and multiple and large lattice.

Crystalline Solids allows you to view:

  • Fourteen Bravais lattice types.
  • Lattice planes and interstitial sites of cubic and hexagonal close-packed structures.
  • Ten lattices of chemical elements.
  • Eighteen lattices of chemical compounds.
  • Information about each displayed lattice, including the lattice’s classification, physical dimensions, angles, and an image of the lattice’s mineral form.

You can display a single unit cell or multiple cells, can have the atoms drawn as large or small spheres, and can display rods between the atoms to make it easier to visualize a unit cell. You can rotate the displayed lattice using the mouse or the keyboard, and you can also zoom in or out. You can display a wire frame highlight around one of the atoms in a lattice to make it easier to keep track of the lattice’s orientation as you rotate it.

You can choose among a number of color schemes, which display the atoms within a crystal lattice in different colors and material properties. That is, the atoms are rendered to resemble billiard balls, gemstones, metals, plastic balls, and rubber balls. You can customize the quality of rendering performed by Crystalline Solids to accommodate the speed of your computer and graphics hardware.

Crystalline Solids software details:

  • Supported operating system: Windows
  • File size: 1.55 MB
  • Crack: Full Crack ( unlimited system)
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