Download Diamond Crystal Impact 4.6.5 + License

Diamond Crystal software download crack and license  is a powerful software in chemistry and physics for simulation and modeling of various crystal and molecular structures with high speed and accuracy. It integrates a multitude of functions, which overcome the work with crystal structure data – in research and education as well as for publications and presentations. It offers an extensive set of functions that let you easily model any arbitrary portion of a crystal structure from a basic set of structural parameters (cell, space group, atomic positions).

Key features of Diamond Crystal Impact:

  • Supports both crystal and molecular structures (i.e. with and without translational symmetry).
  • Storage of multiple structure data sets in a document, each with: atomic parameters, cell parameters and space-group (optional), anisotropic displacement parameters, connection parameters (bonds, H-bonds, non-bonding contacts) chemical and bibliographic data (author, reference, database origin, etc.).
  • Supports multiple structure pictures for a structure data set. Saves your own built-up and designed frameworks of crystal structures.
  • Compatible with Diamond 2 format (DSF).
  • Number of atoms, bonds, polyhedra etc. limited only by RAM.
  • Manual input or update of chemical, crystallographic, and bibliographic data.
  • Automatic import from data formats:
    • CRYSTIN download format created by ICSD or CRYSTMET
    • Cambridge Structural Database FDAT format.
    • Brookhaven Protein Data Bank format.
    • SHELX-93 format.
    • Crystallographic Information File (CIF).
    • XYZ format (free format with cartesian coordinates),
    • SYBYL MOL and MOL2 format,
    • Cerius2 (CSSR) format,
    • MDL MOL format.
  • Export of structure data to:
    • CIF,
    • SCHAKAL,
    • XYZ format.
  • POV-Ray assistant to create photo-realistic scenes with shadows, reflections, textures, background graphics, and more.
  • Variation of atom and bond radii with mouse wheel.
  • ORTEP-like atom styles (ellipses, octants) in both flat and rendering mode.
  • Optionally fragmentated and two-colored bonds.
  • Optionally adjustment of atoms’ and bonds’ transparencies to site occupation factors.
  • Optionally random distribution of mixed sites’ components.

Diamond Crystal Software details

  • Activation method: with a license (Single user )
  • License type: permanent and unlimited
  • Software size: 680 MB
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