Download Digital Simulation in Electrochemistry 4th Edition

Digital Simulation in Electrochemistry 4th Edition by Dieter Britz book pdf download, This book explains how the partial differential equations (pdes) in electroanalytical chemistry can be solved numerically. It guides the reader through the topic in a very didactic way, by first introducing and discussing the basic equations along with some model systems as test cases systematically. Then it outlines basic numerical approximations for derivatives and techniques for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. Finally, more complicated methods for approaching the pdes are derived.

eBook details

  • Author (s): Dieter Britz, Jörg Strutwolf
  • Year of publication: 2016
  • Publisher:  CRC Press
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9783319302904, 3319302906
  • Pages: 498 pages
  • Book format: PDF
  •  File size: 5 MB
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