Download Dlubal RWIND 2.04 (0130) x64

Dlubal RWIND Simulation software crack download, RWIND is a CFD software (digital wind tunnel) for the numerical simulation of wind flows around any building geometries with determination of the wind loads on their surfaces. The determined results can be exported as wind loads to the structural analysis programs RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9. The Pro version now allows the calculation of transient incompressible turbulent wind flows. This program was developed in cooperation with PC-Progress and CFD Support.

Key features of Dlubal RWIND Simulation Pro software:

  • 3D analysis of incompressible wind flow with OpenFOAM software package
  • Direct model import from RFEM or RSTAB (3DS, IFC, STEP files)
  • Model design through STL or VTP files independent of RFEM or RSTAB
  • Simple model changes using Drag and Drop
  • Generate results in just a few minutes for lowresolution simulations (up to 1 million cells)
  • Generate results within hours for medium/high resolution simulations (1‑10 million cells)
  • Graphic display of results in Clipper / Slicer (scalar and vector fields)
  • Graphic representation of simple flows
  • Display of aerodynamic pressure coefficients
  • Possibility of documentation in RFEM and RSTAB printable reports
  • Automatic correction of model topology
  • Automatic mesh generation with detail depth adjustment
  • Determination of wind load on the height of the building, depending on the specific parameters of the standard (speed, intensity of turbulence)
  • Kepsilon and Komega turbulence models
  • Parallel calculation with optimal use of the capacity of multicore computers

Dlubal RWIND Simulation software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 11 x64
  • File size: 900 MB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited PC)
  • Languages Supported: English
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