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Drilling Office software full crack license and Schlumberger’s drilling engineering design software (Drilling Office X – DOX) enables scientific and computerized drilling engineering design, which can be used to manage, optimize and intervene drilling and completion operations worldwide. The design content mainly includes the following aspects.

Key Features of Drilling Office software:

  • Well Design: Wellbore Trajectory Design Module with conventional 2D and complex 3D wellbore trajectory design and error ellipse analysis capabilities for multi-target directional wells and horizontal well designs; skew data processing methods include 6 types: minimum Curvature, Curvature Radius, Mean Angle, Tangent, Balance Tangent, and Mercury methods, there are two methods for calculating the full-angle rate of change (Lubinski & Wilson).
  • Data Browser: An application for easy access to Drilling Office data
  • Survey Editor: Oblique calculation This module can process the inclination data from the scene and calculate the vertical depth, horizontal displacement, north distance, east distance, creation slope and azimuth change rate.
  • DrillViz: 3D Visualization Display Drilling Visualization Display System can display drilling trajectory and error ellipse. It can correct the geological model in real time, realize the 3D display of the current well and adjacent well trajectory, and quickly modify the well according to the modified geological model. The eye trajectory improves the drilling quality and the accuracy of the target. It accurately displays the relative position between the wells and the relative position between the well and the structure in a true three-dimensional state. The multi-layer structure map can be displayed as needed.
  • DrillMap: Provides information for drilling operations by displaying potential drilling hazards and complex geomechanical models in a format that drillers can easily put to practical use.
  • OpenSpirit Client: Add ability to transfer targets and orbit between Drilling Office and GeoFrame
  • RiskTRAK: A risk management tool that brings a structured approach to knowledge for the drilling process.
  • Sidekick: advanced gas shock simulator, suitable for developing gas shock and hydrodynamics simulation
  • Close Approach: Anti-collision scanning module can scan multiple oilfields and multiple platforms at the same time. It has a variety of scanning methods to choose from. It provides a variety of uncertain ellipse analysis methods.
  • Power Draw: Manipulation of graphical output created in Drilling Office
  • DrillSAF: friction, torque, drilling trend analysis using the current best steel rod, multi-moistance coefficient model, with single point, multi-point analysis and calculation function, can simulate sliding, rotary, reverse eye drilling construction, can calculate drill Friction, torque, well wall contact force, drilling tool forward trend, bit lateral force, comparative analysis of different BHA, drilling trajectory, wellbore parameters and their different combinations, giving safe drilling construction The range of parameter values ​​and the maximum value allowed by the system.
  • Hydraulics: Hydraulic Analysis Data, The Hydraulics Analysis Module calculates the system pressure drop at any depth and the equivalent circulating drilling fluid density at any depth, analyzes the cleanliness of the wellbore, optimizes the drill and motor parameters, and has a sliding rod function. The different BHA, drilling trajectory, wellbore parameters and their different combinations were compared and analyzed, and the safe drilling construction hydraulic parameters were given.

Drilling Office software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10/11
  • File size: 315 MB + 200 MB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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