Download Eliis PaleoScan 2023.1.1 (x64)

PaleoScan software full crack download and Eliis PaleoScan is the name of a new software for interpreting earthquakes in both 3D and 3D. It contains all the tools necessary to execute a large workflow and provides a user-friendly environment for downloading data, interpreting objects, screening information, and cross-navigation. PaleoScan also offers ways to semi-automate the interpretation of seismic masses and offers standard tools for interpreting horizons and faults.

In addition, powerful editing and visualizing tools help to refine the interpretation and perform real-time preview on the iterative Relative Geological Time model creation process.

PaleoScan Core Application suite empowers you to:

  • Generate a large panel of seismic attributes
  • Convert all seismic reflectors into Horizons
  • Model an unlimited number of stratal slices
  • Emphasize and model faults and fractures
  • Extract and classify geobodies
  • Cross-correlate well logs and well markers with any attribute

Advanced interpretation extension:

  • Navigate between your structural and wheeler domains in real time
  • Delineate key stratigraphic surfaces and model 3D systems tracts
  • Automatically extract geobodies
  • Convert stratigraphic units into a reservoir grid
  • Reveal geomorphologies through our data blending methods

Time-Depth extension:

  • Perform seismic to well tie with a forward modelling workflow to compute a synthetic model in real time
  • Generate accurate velocity models, then carry out detailsed domain conversion

Property modelling extension:

  • Propagate rock physics from hard data through your RGT model and build electrofacies models

Eliis PaleoScan software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10/11 x64
  • File size: 310 MB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited PC)
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