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ESI ProCAST software full crack license download with Solvers / Suite and ProCAST is an advanced and complete tool which is the result of more than 20 years of collaboration with major industrial partners and academic institutions all over the world. ProCAST offers an extensive suite of modules and foundry tools to meet your most challenging industrial requirements. The software, based on powerful Finite Element Technology, is well suited to also predict distortions and residual stresses and can address more specific processes like semi-solid, coreblowing, centrifugal, lost foam and continuous casting.

ProCAST, based on Finite Element technology, in addition to the basics is able to predict deformations and residual stresses and can also address more specific processes like investment casting, semi-solid modeling, core blowing, centrifugal casting, lost foam, and the continuous casting process.

Key features of ESI ProCAST software:

  • Simulation of various casting processes
  • Predicting the mechanical behavior of the part
  • Calculation of the amount of trapped gases in the sample
  • Support for a wide range of common processes
  • Performing calculations using the finite element method
  • Calculation of residual stress in parts

ESI ProCAST software details:

  • Operating system: Windows / Linux x64
  • File size: 4.1 G + 5.2 GB
  • Crack: Full crack (unlimited system)
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