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Esi Group Visual-Environment software full crack download and Visual-Environmentis a single integrated user environment that caters to the engineering simulation needs across major industries. It includes a comprehensive modeling tool to generate quality meshes on complex geometries for various engineering domains ranging across.

Visual-Environment’s interactive post-processing module caters to the requirements of the CAE community through its multi-page / multi-plot environment. In addition, Visual-Environment’s software development toolkit (SDK), allows you to customize and extend this open architecture through process templates and macros.

Visual-Environment incorporates the finest engineering knowledge and best practices with a process-oriented approach suited to the needs of a shop-floor user or a software savvy user alike. Visual-Mesh, Visual-Viewer and Visual-Process Executive are common modules, usually available as a part of all the solutions in Visual-Environment.

Key features of ESI Visual-Environment include:
  • – Use of an HDR image for Image-Based Lighting to render the model (also known as HDR Reflection). The HDR image can also be used as a background environment.
  • – Support for 3DXML CAD loading in Visual-Mesh and also an enhanced alternative Mesh Assembly process for better user experience.
  • – A simplified interface with maximum 3D Model window area in Visual-Viewer.
  • – USTART input generation in Visual-SDK Batch.
  • – Support for VPS 2022 in Visual-Crash PAM. Position Child and CRS easily, capturing the deformation and stresses induced during this operation.
  • – In Visual-CFD, Cavitation modeling support for turbomachinery, in addition, to support for the latest release, OpenFOAM 2112. In Visual-Viewer for CFD, support for import of Ensight format results coming from various CFD solvers.
    – A bias extension wizard in Visual-FORM and in Visual-RTM, support for simulating Compression-RTM process using shell modeling. In Visual-SMC, support for heated compression simulation.
    – Support of new keywords in Visual-Crash DYNA.
  • – An improved Scan to Mesh morphing capability with a single scan in Visual-Assembly apart from a Joints Manager for creating Spot Welds and Connectors.
  • – 1D connection for chaining between Weld and Assembly for Sysweld in Visual-Weld.
  • – Improved simulation settings in (Visual)BM-Stamp to provide the same accuracy as with PAM-STAMP.
  • – Enhancements within the foundry-oriented workflows of Visual-Cast.


ESI Visual-Environment software details:

  • Operating system: Windows 10, 11 x64
  • File Size: 3.8 GB
  • Crack: Full Crack (Unlimited PC)
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