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FireCAD Grate Fired Steam Boiler software full crack license download and generators are those boilers where the solid fuels are fired on grate. The grates can be inside the furnace or outside (external furnace boilers). These boilers are also called as Stoker fired boilers. They operate under balanced draft and furnace is maintained at slightly negative pressure.

The steam Generator mainly consists of furnace, superheater, boiler bank, economizer and air heater. These boilers are water tube type except in combination boilers where the boiler bank is fire tube and the rest water tube.

Solid fuels like Coal or Bio-mass is fed into furnace with the help of mechanical or pneumatic fuel feeders and spreaders. Fuel burns on firing grate generating heat. Some of the fuel is burnt as soon as it enters the furnace in air and is called suspension firing. This heat is absorbed by various boiler heat transfer sections and used to convert water into steam. Depending up on the fuel type and it’s characteristics, a suitable grate is selected for firing purpose. There are various types of Grates available like Travelling grate, chain grate, inclined water cooled grate, pin hole grate, dumping grate, fixed grate ..etc. Travelling Grate is widely used for high ash content fuels and medium range boilers. Dumping grate is widely used for low/medium capacity boilers and low ash content fuels like Bagasse.

Steam Generators Design Software Features:

  • Solid fuel fired Steam Generators upto 200,000 Kg/hr and 550 degC can be designed.
    (440,000 Lb/hr and 1022 degF)
  • Fuels : Coal fired boilers, bagasse boilers, Rice husk boilers, husk boilers, wood boiler,other Bio-mass boilers, Lignite boiler and other industrial steam Generators.
  • Grates : Dumping Grate, Travelling Grate, Water Cooled Grates
  • Furnace : Membrane tubes, Tangent Tubes, Space Tubes or Refractory wall
  • SuperHeater : Single Stage and Two stage. Counter and Parallel flow type with or without protective screen.
  • Boiler Bank: Water Tube or Fire Tube boiler Bank. Combination Boilers or Combi boilers with water tube furnace and Fire Tube Boiler bank.
  • Water Tube boiler Bank : Cross Flow or Long Flow type.
  • Fire Tube Boiler : Single Pass or Two Pass.
  • Economizer: Single pass or Multi pass with Bare/Fin/Gill tubes.
  • Air Heater: Single or Multi Pass.
  • Headers, Downcomers , Feeders and Risers sizing
  • complete system with Furnace,Boiler Bank, SuperHeater, Economizer and Air Heater.

General Features of FireCAD software:

  • Optimum design with AutoDesign feature
  • Extensive exhaust gases database.
  • Custom exhaust can be added to database
  • Extensive help giving Design methodologies, Design tips and Good Engineering practices
  • detailsed report of the final design with Print option
  • MKS/SI/FPS units supported

FireCAD Grate Fired Steam Boiler software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7/ 10/ 11
  • File size: 2.5 MB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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