Download FlowJo 10.8.1 Win/Linux/macOS

FlowJo software  crack download  and serial is a specialized software for cytometric analysis or unicellular cell count. This software with a powerful user interface equipped with a specialized analysis framework and scalable architecture has become one of the most widely used software in the field of medicine and cell biology. The software workspace is based on a powerful statistical environment that is used to determine immunophenotyping, cell cycle, cell proliferation, kinetic studies, population comparison and plate screening assays.

Powerful software for displaying and analyzing flow cytometric data. Flow cytometry or FCM is a suitable method for counting and analyzing microscopic particles such as chromosomes and cells. This is done by a special device called a flow cytometer.

Key features of FlowJo software:

  • Specialized software for single cell flow cytometry analysis
  • Determination of immune phenotype, cell growth cycle and cells
  •  Kinetic studies and quantitative comparison of cells
  • Classification of cells based on properties
  • Diagnosis and classification of leukemias
  • Assessment of biological factors and the presence of certain specific molecules
  • Identification of antigens for medical purposes
  • Identification of malignant residual cells
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