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General Chemistry: Chemical Kinetics And Rate Laws Course by Udemy  covers all you need to know about kinetics, reaction rates, and rate laws.  We will discuss instantaneous reaction rates, average reaction rates, the differential rate law, the integrated rate law, and the method of initial rates to determine the form of the rate law.

We will also cover the 1st-order, 2nd-order, and zero-order integrated rate laws, and the half-life of reactions. Lastly, we’ll discuss reaction mechanisms, the Arrhenius equation, and the collision model for chemical kinetics.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand chemical kinetics, reaction rates, and rate laws.
  • Learn how to calculate the instantaneous and average reaction rate.
  • Recognize and use the the two types of rate laws in Chemistry.
  • How to find the form of the rate law using the method of initial rates.
  • Calculate and report the differential rate law, and convert it to the corresponding  integrated rate law.
  • Determine the 1st order, 2nd order, and Zero-order integrated rate law.
  • Examples of how to calculate the half-life of a 1st, 2nd, or Zero order reaction.
  • Understanding of reaction mechanisms, reaction intermediates, elementary steps and molecularity.
  • Learn the collision model for chemical kinetics. Collision frequency, activation energy, and the Arrhenius Equation.
  • Understand pseudo 1st order rate laws.

Course content

  • 1-  Introduction to Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Rates
  • 2 – Rate Laws the Differential Rate Law and the Integrated Rate Law
  • 3 –  Determine the Form of the Rate Law The Method of Initial Rates
  • 4 – The FirstOrder Integrated Rate Law
  • 5 – 2nd Order Integrated Rate Laws and Zero Order Integrated Rate Laws
  • 6 –  Reaction Mechanisms in Kinetics Elementary Steps and Molecularity
  • 7 –  The Collision Model for Chemical Kinetics
  • 8 – Catalysis Pseudo FirstOrder Rate Laws

Course details

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  • Audio quality: Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
  • Movie duration: 1h 51m
  • Number of lessons:  8 lectures
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Compressed file size: 2.19 GB
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