Download I-GIS GeoScene3D v10.0.13.574

GeoScene3D software download crack the product of I-GIS is a 3D modeling software in the field of geology, which is specially designed to visualize geological data and build relevant models to present to the stakeholders of a construction project. This software helps geologists to graphically visualize various types of geological data such as groundwater, soil pollution with chemical and other mapping data and submit them to various organizations. The illustration facilities of this software are not limited to the mentioned items and include many items such as wells, geophysical data, soil and water chemistry, land features and geological layers. In addition, using this software, it is possible to build geological models by the software modeling module. From automatic or manual data analysis to the production of advanced surface layers with extrapolation techniques, only a small part of the software’s extensive capabilities are covered.

Key features of GeoScene3D software:

  • – Three-dimensional illustration of geological data to present
  • – Construction of geological models with complete details
  • – Has groundwater analytical capabilities, soil pollution and data interpretation
  • – Applicable for wells, geophysical data, soil and water chemistry and surface features
  • – Manual or automatic interpretation of group data obtained from different equipment
  • – Production of surface layers by advanced extrapolation techniques
  • – Ability to output surface layers for further processing in FeeFlow or ModFlow
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