Download GEOSLOPE GeoStudio 2018 R2 v9.1.1.16749 x64

GeoStudio software full  license crack download a product of GEOSLOPE is a modeling software for geologists and geologists. The ability to accurately analyze and integrate specialized and applied tools in the fields of geophysical engineering and earth sciences, has made this software as a practical tool among experts in this field.

Because GeoStudio, as an advanced toolkit, incorporates a number of specialized applications, it enables you to combine the various analytics you get from different tools into one modeling project, and Use the results of each to do more detailed research on the other.

GeoStudio includes the following applications:

  • – SLOPE / W program for slope stability analysis
  • – SEEP / W Groundwater seepage analysis software
  • – SIGMA / W stress and deformation analysis software
  • – QUAKE / W Earthquake dynamic analysis tool
  • – TEMP / W program for geothermal analysis
  • – CTRAN / W solute transfer analysis software
  • – AIR / W airflow analysis software
  • – VADOSE / W Analysis

Key features of GeoStudio software:

  • – Performing metafote analyzes and combining them in one model
  • – Work with CAD files (supports DWG / DXF formats in input / output)
  • – Perform parallel analyzes
  • – Display the results of geographical analysis in the form of images and graphs
  • – Calculation of ground and rock confidence coefficients
  • – Stress analysis of deformation of soil structures using SIGMA / W
  • – Modeling the movement of pollutants through materials such as soil and rock
  • – Analysis of groundwater behavior as well as air in soil and rocks

GeoStudio software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • File Size: 341 MB
  • Crack: full Crack ( unlimited system)
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