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Graphene-Based Nanomaterial Catalysis by Manorama Singh book pdf download and this book compiles knowledge about catalytic graphene-based nanomaterials in a single easy-to-read volume. The text serves to familiarize scholars and professionals with the methods of fabrication of both functionalized and non-functionalized graphene nanomaterials suitable for use in a variety of applications such as electrochemical sensors, oxygen and hydrogen production, fuel cells and organic transformations.

  • systematic chapters which present the topic in an accessible way that is targeted towards learners
  • Accessible information about the fabrication of graphenebased catalysts
  • updated knowledge about catalytic applications of graphenebased nanomaterials in electro and organic catalysis.
  • delivers information about recent trends in industry and research.
  • covers sophisticated green technologies such as carbon dioxide conversion and solar powered water splitting
  • references for further reading
eBook details
  • Author (s): Manorama Singh, Ankita Rai, Vijai K. Rai
  • Year of publication: 2022
  • Publisher: American Chemical Society
  • Writing language: English
  • ISBN: 9815040510, 9789815040517, 9789815040494, 9789815040500, 9815040502
  • Number of pages: 227 pages
  • Book format: PDF
  •  File size: 8 MB
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