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Handbook of Computational Chemistry by Jerzy Leszczynski pdf download. This reference work is presented in three volumes. Volume I introduce the different methods used in computational chemistry. Basic assumptions common to the majority of computational methods based on molecular, quantum, or statistical mechanics are outlined, and special attention is paid to the limits of their applicability.

Quantum chemical calculations rely on a few fortunate circumstances, like usually small relativistic and negligible electrodynamic (QED) corrections, and large nucleito-electrons mass ratio. Unprecedented progress in computer technology has revolutionized quantum chemistry, making it a valuable tool for experimenters. It is important for computational chemistry to elaborate methods that look at molecules in a multiscale way, provide its global and synthetic description, and compare this description with those for other molecules. Only such a picture can free researchers from seeing molecules as a series of case-by-case studies. Chemistry is a science of analogies and similarities, and computational chemistry should provide the tools for seeing this.

Volume II portrays the applications of computational methods to model systems and discusses in details molecular structures, the modelling of various properties of molecules and chemical reactions. Both ground and excited states properties are covered in the gas phase as well as in solution. This volume also describes Nanomaterials and covers topics such as clusters, periodic, and nano systems. Special emphasis is placed on the environmental effects of nanostructures.

Volume III is devoted to the important class of Biomolecules. Useful models of biological systems considered by computational chemists are provided and RNA, DNA and proteins are discussed in details. This volume presents examples of calcualtions of their properties and interactions and reveals the role of solvents in biologically important reactions as well as the structure function relationship of various classes of Biomolecules.

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  • Author (s): Jerry (EDT) Leszczynski Jerzy Leszczynski,Jerzy (EDT) Leszczynski
  • Year of publication: 2012
  • Publisher: Springer
  • Writing language: English
  • ISBN: 940070710X, 9789400707108
  • Number of pages: 1405 pages
  • Book format: PDF
  •  File size: 25 MB
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