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Heat Exchangers: Design, Operation & Maintenance video course download and Heat exchangers of various designs and applications are encountered nowadays throughout refining, petrochemical and process industries as well as in power generation and environmental engineering. This course is designed to provide you with a complete understanding of construction details and functioning of heat exchangers. This understanding is a prerequisite for a successful operation of your plant and piping system.

In this course, we will cover many heat exchanger designs such as plate and frame, fired heaters, double pipe and spiral heat exchangers. But the focus will be on shell and tube heat exchangers as these are the most popular and widely spread heat transfer equipment. The course includes extensive graphics, cross-sectional views, real world video footage, and 3D animations.

What you’ll learn

  • Design, inspect, maintain and operate heat exchangers and analyze their performance in a professional manner
  • Select and size a shell and tube heat exchanger for a given duty
  • Understand design guidelines and specifications when allocating fluids
  • Identify the problems in operation that lead to performance deterioration
  • Determine correct troubleshooting techniques
  • Know, understand and interpret TEMA standards and terminologies for shell and tube heat exchangers
  • List advantages and drawbacks of TEMA Types and associate the most appropriate type with operating conditions and fluids properties
  • Describe the heat exchange laws and identify key parameters impacting the exchange coefficients and pressure drops
  • Employ the concepts of heat transfer coefficients and determine their overall effect on heat exchanger fouling
  • Be an active and efficient communicator during meetings with heat exchanger vendors
  • Test your knowledge with 200+ question quiz
  • Get access to useful charts and diagrams to solve daily heat exchanger problems
  • Get access to valuable shell and tube heat exchanger design tables according to DIN 21184 – 21191 and TEMA std to properly design shell and tube heat exchangers

Course Content

  • Types of heat exchangers
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers : Various TEMA types and configurations
  • Maintenance of shell and tube heat exchangers : Real world videos
  • Tube construction
  • Shell construction
  • Baffle and tube bundle construction
  • Guidelines for allocation of fluids in shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Design of heat exchangers
  • Heat exchangers basic process control (BPCS)

Who this course is for:

  • This WR Training course on Heat Exchangers is suitable to a wide range of technical professionals but will greatly benefit
  • Mechanical, Process and Chemical Engineers
  • Operation, Technical Service and Maintenance Professionals
  • Plant Operators
  • Engineers, Consultants and Sales professionals
  • Technical professionals responsible for heat transfer equipment inspection
  • Technical professionals responsible for interdisciplinary energy projects

Course details

  • Movie quality: MP4 | Video: h264, 1280 × 720
  • Audio quality: Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
  • Movie duration: 06 h 33 m
  • Number of lessons:  171 lectures
  • Language: English + srt
  • Compressed file size: 2.5 GB
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