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Hexagon MSC Easy5 software full crack license download is a graphics-based software tool used to model, simulate, and design multi-domain dynamic systems characterized by differential, difference, and algebraic equations. Easy5 was developed and designed by engineers to efficiently solve real-world, industrial problems and simplifies the construction and analysis of such systems with a graphical, schematic-based application.

A comprehensive set of pre-packaged components, stored in application-specific libraries, simplify the assembly of a representative model and facilitate quick and accurate system simulation. Engineers work within a familiar schematic drawing paradigm to add and specify data connections between components in an intuitive, simple-to-use, multi-level hierarchical modeling environment. For over forty years, through continuous improvement, Easy5 has remained the simulation tool of choice for many complex and difficult systems.

Dynamic systems that are a function of time and change with time are usually defined using the first order differential. Easy5 provides system construction and analysis using a software based on graphical schematics, providing a comprehensive set of pre-made tools and components stored in the software library and simplifying system assembly and simulation. It has become a simple and fast matter.

This program with a schematic design environment for modeling a variety of simple and complex systems, establishing communication between components visually and the possibility of multi-level and hierarchical modeling is a suitable choice for modeling different systems.

Key features of Easy5 software:

Key features of Hexagon MSC Easy5 version 2023.1

  • Gas Dynamics Library Useability Improvements
  • Modeling all kinds of thermal hydraulic systems
  • Modeling of various gas dynamic systems
  • Design of multiphase fluids
  • Control and evaluation of hardware and software systems
  • Modeling of fixed or mobile fuel cells
  • Design and analysis of electrical systems
  • The local dimension “# of gas species” has been replaced by a global dimension parameter.
  • The local configuration parameter “Formulation”, with the choices of “Explicit” and “Implicit”, has been replaced by a global configuration parameter.
    This will allow you to set these parameters for all the GD library components in your model in one operation, instead of having to set these component-by-component. To set these parameters for an entire model, select Options > Set Model Global Configuration. To set these parameters for a submodel, right-click on the submodel icon and select Set Submodel Global Configurations.
    These global configurations were not implemented in the following components:
  • HK (gas-gas heat exchanger based on effectiveness map): This component has two “# of gas species”, one for each stream. Since there is only one global dimension parameter for this, the global “# of gas species” was not implemented.
  • NO (Node or Volume): Because of library component limitations the new configurations could not be implemented, so NO is now obsolete. Use the new component CH instead, it is identical to NO in every respect except that it uses global configurations instead of local configurations.
  • CS (Cabin Thermal Model): Because of library component limitations the new configurations could not be implemented, so CS is now obsolete. Use the new component CA instead, it is identical to CS in every respect except that it uses global configurations instead of local configurations.

Linear Model

  •  Component GP/SM can now approximate either continuous or hybrid/discrete models. Previously it only modeled continuous linear approximations.
  • Linear Model Generation: when Save System Matrices is Yes and a System Matrices Name is specified, then the system matrices are saved into two different files
  •  The .json file can be read into the component data tables of components SM, XV, YU and YV by selecting Options > Load json model data.

Hexagon MSC Easy5 software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10/11 x64
  • File Size: 1.3 GB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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