Download High-Performance Carbon-Based Optoelectronic Nanodevices

High-Performance Carbon-Based Optoelectronic Nanodevices pdf download focuses on the photoelectric nanodevices based on carbon nanostructures, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene and related heterojunctions. The synthesis of carbon nanostructures and device fabrication are simply given. The interface charge transfer and the performance enhancement in the photodetectors and solar cells are comprehensively introduced. Importantly, carbon allotropes behave as high-mobility conductors or bandgap-tunable semiconductors depending on the atomic arrangements, the direct motivation is to fabricate all-carbon nanodevices using these carbon nanomaterials as building blocks.

eBook details

  • Author (s): Yanjie Su
  • Year of publication: 2021
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Writing language: English
  • ISBN: 9811654972, 9789811654978
  • Number of pages: 199 pages
  • Book format: PDF
  •  File size: 5.98 MB
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